Scarlett Mattoli, Counsellor, Coaching Psychologist, Consultant, Psychometrist, SplD Support in Hong Kong

Scarlett Mattoli is a professional, qualified, accredited and experienced Coaching Psychologist. She works with Adult clients and Corporations as well as Adolescents, Parents and Teachers. Her coaching psychology work supports queries around Professional and Personal Development & Excellence, Transitioning & Acculturation, Health & Wellbeing and Educational Support Strategies & Advancement.



Her approach is a blend of both facilitative and directive, depending on the goals of each client. She utilises Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Solution-Focused Coaching, Short-Term Coaching and Appreciative Inquiry practices as well as Positive Psychology, Mindfulness approaches and Positive Guidance practices when appropriate. Adopting a Neurobiopsychosocial approach, she works with clients in an all-encompassing manner to move them from ambivalence to ambition and on to achievement in as much time as is needed or in as little time as is possible.


Support Areas

With additional credentialling in psychology, specific therapeutic interventions, special educational needs, play therapy, family therapy, psychometric assessments and specific neurological, family and child development research interests and having lived herself in a number of countries between the USA, UK, Europe and Asia, she is well placed to assist with expat life issues, parenting style differences, work-life balance, acculturation issues, assimilation of 3rd culture children, learning differences, flagging self-esteem, resilience development, enhancement of social-emotional skills, adherence to medical and health regimes, and specific stress and anxiety issues. In working from a strengths-based practice, she also supports personal and professional development.



Session Format

Scarlett offers a range of packages to suit you whether you would like a single session or would prefer to enjoy the benefit of reduced fees for multiple session bookings in advance.

First sessions for packages will up to be 1 hour 50 minutes in duration (equivalent to two sessions). Standard (and single) sessions are 50 minutes in duration. Longer sessions can be arranged in advance if needed.

Certain coaching psychology services incorporate and benefit from a range of standardised assessments to inform the course of sessions. We will advise you about any specific assessments at the time, including any additional costs that would fall due. Student coachees age range is from nine to 17 years of age. Please note students under the age of 16 must be escorted by an adult.

All sessions may be face-to-face and adult sessions may also be held via Skype and/or telephone.


Professional Membership and Languages

In addition to qualifications at masters level in Coaching Psychology, Scarlett Mattoli is a full member of the Association for Coaching, European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the International Society for Coaching Psychology. She is also a fully Accredited Coach at 'Coach' level with the  Association for Coaching and a fully Accredited Coach at 'Practitioner' level with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Scarlett consults in English and in Italian.


What is Coaching Psychology?

Coaching Psychology uses the art and science of psychology in an everyday way to support clients in achieving their own sucess with normal and exceptional needs and desires whether at work, home, school or in life generally. A main goal of coaching psychologists is to support clients in setting client directed goals and the paths to achieve them, whether for personal or professional success. In all cases the best interests, needs and client wishes are always respected and lie at the core of all coaching psychology relationships and the relationship functions largely to provide compassionate, supportive and traditionally psychologically structured services and are held to the same high levels of ethics and conduct. Coaching psychologists especially work to get every client to express who they are, in their own terms and no one else's, including any criteria placed upon them by external agencies, family, peers, colleagues or previous helping relationships.

Coaching Psychology services are completely confidential and are tailor made to your goals. This means only tools that best suit your requirements in working together to achieve the goals you set will be utilised.

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