Scarlett Mattoli, Counsellor, Coaching Psychologist, Consultant, Psychometrist, SplD Support in Hong Kong

Scarlett works with corporate, individual, family and educational clients to provide standardised educational, personality and ability assessments designed to identify strengths and potential areas that may benefit from additional and/or adapted support.

She utilises educational and psychometric assessments in the course of both educational assessments and testing for specific abilities, assessments for the likelihood of diagnosible differences, in appropriate cases for supporting Psychoeducational Assessments, in the course of regular assessment in Coaching Psychology practices and for Corporate or Adult Psychometric, Personality and Ability Assessments.

Scarlett Mattoli is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Registered Test User and Administrator (RQTU) and has achieved competence certificates in Educational Testing, Psychometric Testing Levels A, B and B1 (Personality and Ability) and EuroTest User as well as certifications in CCET and Statementing.




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