Scarlett Mattoli, Counsellor, Coaching Psychologist, Consultant, Psychometrist, SplD Support in Hong Kong

Consulting, Workshops and Public Speaking

Scarlett consults for all and provides public speaking, research and training programmes for a wide audience, suitable for schools, development organisations, corporations and family & parents groups as well as individualised programmes based on neuroscience, well-being, personal development, SPED support, human development and much more.

She provides one-off talks, seminars, full-day workshops and in-house trainings to introduce and raise awareness of key areas of human development, dynamics, potential and mental health. Her presentations always include both traditional topic information, facts, current research and modern interpretations that provide you and your audience with an engaging and informative event.

You and your participants will gain a better understanding of your topic of choice and wil come away with practial skills and knowledge, ready to utilise and implement.


Topics selected and researched underline the importance of self-awareness, developmental awareness, early recognition of potential difficulties and appropriate intervention and monitoring as some of the most effective ways to ensure optimum benefits for every individual in any situation.


Each year Scarlett offers corporate in-house solutions based free 'Brain Chats' in an effort to support events held world-wide to celebrate "Brain Awareness Week" in mid-March.



Employee Assistance Programmes


She can work within existing Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) to provide in-house therapeutic programmes as well or develop new ones to benefit your team or office.


Get in touch to find out more about what Scarlett can offer to your company, employees, your child's school or even a local interest group.


Write, call or make an appointment today to learn more about how Scarlett can provide knowledgable, qualified and professional support for you and your needs.

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